More Day Trips to Follow!

June 10th, 2018

Its been a few days since I blogged. I haven’t been on too many day trips, the kids were on holiday so I don’t like town full of children lol.

I did discover a new burger place called Five Guys. Americans will know this, and now I do. It was amazing. Basically, everything is cooked fresh, the chips are cut fresh in the store daily. It was such a filling meal, having unlimited refills of Coca Cola Freestyle, which if you haven’t heard of, you should google.

I also went to Odeon, and watched some movies. On Tuesday I went to see Solo. I wont put spoilers on, but it was amazing. Critics hate it for some reason. But that’s their job, to be miserable and hate everything. If you love Star Wars, you will love Solo. Alden Ehrenreich gets Han’s body language, his mannerisms, everything on point. It was phenomenal. And Donald Glover… I already loved him. As Lando he got the voice perfect, to the point where I thought some of it had been dubbed over by Billy Dee Williams.  Just a fantastic movie.

Then on Friday I went to see Deadpool 2. Had me laughing all the way through. Not a film for the kids. And heaps of cameos too, including one from the cast of X-Men Dark Phoenix. That was spectacularly done. Just an amazing movie too.

More day trips to follow!!

Long Lost Foods

Ive had a few, but they can be saved for another blog.

Lion Bars – If you don’t know what this is, your loss.
Munchies – Packets at the movies. Oh my gosh. Missed them so much too!

Quick Blog

June 2nd, 2018

Just a quick blog today. Havnt been on many day trips since the wine festival. Too many people making the museums too busy. I want quiet.

Long Lost Foods

Jammie Dodgers – I forgot how great these are
Party Rings – I had some in NZ at some point, but they still taste amazing.

I Do Enjoy Wine

May 30th, 2018

So yesterday. Went down to town again. It was the ‘Parade of Sail’ where all of the Tall Ships basically convoy out to sea to begin their race. It was amazing seeing them sale off. I arrived too late to see some of the first ones sail past, but did see them all albeit at a distance. Pictures Here. Had a nice walk after that. Just taking in the nice cool breeze of the Mersey, though it was still quite hot. I bought my ticket for the wine festival and went and sat on the river front with a cider.

It was amazing, just to relax and take in the hustle and bustle of the festival, and enjoy a cider in the heat. The temperatures aren’t as high as NZ, it hit 25° yesterday and it felt it. But humidity doesn’t normally go about 50%, so it wasn’t a horrible sticky heat. It was a nice heat, and I enjoyed my cider very much so.

I do, however, enjoy wine. I went to the Bordeaux Wine Festival, which was held for the first time in the UK. I got a fancy epass, and a nice wine glass. I asked for a second glass to make a set and she said yes! So now I have 2 nice wine glasses. Pictures Here. I had a nice red one, 2 whites and 3 dessert wines, 2 of which were in the master class. He talked about how some dessert wines were made, including noble rot, which I remembered from tech [Thanks Sharon!!]. The wines were amazing. They were so rich in flavour. My only experience is of New Zealand wines, but I have an appreciation for French wines now.

It was a pleasant day. Quite relaxing. And I would love to do it again. So I better save some money, as the next Bordeaux Wine Festival in June is in actual Bordeaux.

Long Lost Foods

Sayers Vegetarian Sausage rolls – still taste amazing
Tango – Like Fanta but not, and tasted amazing.

Tall Ships

May 28th, 2018

So I am a day late on this blog, but I don’t want to get backlogged.

I went to town yesterday [Saturday] for the Three Festivals Tall Ships Regatta. There is also a wine festival, but I haven’t been to that yet. Maybe tomorrow, we will see how it goes. But I will blog about what happens tomorrow.

So the Tall Ships. They are beautiful. One of the largest and most beautiful is from 1896! How many 122 year old boats still running do you know. Its both beautiful and amazing. I had a wonderful time. So many people though, easily 60,000+. So about Rotorua visited hehe. I did miss aspects of the big city, but still prefer a quieter place.

My feet were killing me for most of the day, because I need some new shoes. With proper souls, to enable my walking. Which I did a lot of. I went through the Albert Dock and took heaps of pictures of the smaller ships docked in there Tall Ships.. Then I took a nice long stroll along the waterfront, found my spot, which today was bustling with people and music, and had my Sayers. Meat & Potato Pasty. Brought back so many memories again. Then I walked towards the Pier Head. And kept walking.

I was walking towards the Pier Head and walked past the Pier Masters house. Originally there were 4 houses here. But 3 of them were destroyed during World War 2. The Pier Master was the one in charge of where ships docked through all the dock areas. During the war though, they don’t think anyone lived in it, because of the number of bombings the dock area took. Little fact, outside of London, Liverpool was the most heavily bombed city during the entire war. Anyway, at some point in the last 15 years or so they refurbished the Pier Masters house to look like a house from the early 1940’s. Which was also awesome. It looked eerie. Pier Master’s House. Just trying to imagine living back then boggles the mind. No internet, no TV, no Playstation. Just the wireless, old wooden toys and news papers.

On my travels, I founds little things I didn’t realise that I missed. Like the Liver Birds. Just that one view brought back so much to me. I have said it before, Liverpool will always have a deep place in my heart. And walking past the Liver Building reminded me how much I actually love this city. Its still not home, but I will love it until the day I die. Found some of the remaining Lamb Bananas, and took a walk past the Liverpool Museum. Other Pictures. Which looks beautiful on the outside. I haven’t been inside yet. Going to go on a quiet day so I can appreciate it more. And the tide was out on the Mersey. You don’t realise how far down and deep it is. And not enjoying heights or water, you can imagine how much fun I had taking those pictures. That was… “fun”.

Long Lost Foods

Meat & Potato Pasty – Omg, tasted sooo good.
Blue Riband Biscuits – Reminded me of school packed lunches 🙂

My New Spot

May 24th, 2018

Today’s day trip was nice. It must sound weird to some people, me taking day trips in my old back yard, but it means more to me than most people.

I was about to leave just after midday and my new sim card arrived. Took me about 15 minutes to get my new number set up and mu new package set up, so I have full mobile data again! And its carry over! Thats a big thing for me. A, I have never had carryover and B, I used to use all my data anyway haha.

So off I went to town. There’s 387 buses every 12 seconds here, so I dont need to leave at a specific time for the bus anymore. The ride was short, took about 15 mins to get into town, got off at a different bus stop today. Took me in another direction that I was planning to. I came out at a Sayers. I bought a sausage roll. I bought a tablet too, but that’s too soon for this part of the story. I took my sausage roll and went to my new favourite spot. Its behind the Albert Dock and in between that and the Mersey. Its my new favourite spot because its so quiet there. There is the sound of the Mersey and that’s it. No cars, not heaps of people, just quiet bliss, away from the hustle and bustle of the city again.

In between all this I went to Argos and bought a cheap tablet, so I can read my comics again. Dorky I know, but its one of the few things that bring me happiness at this point.

I finished my sausage roll and went to the Merseyside Maritime Museum. I haven’t been there before, I dont think. I may have, but I dont remember. It was a long time ago, if I did. I didn’t go through the whole thing but I did go through a good chunk of it. I forgot how rich the history of Liverpool is. I mean I always knew, but seeing actual items and stories from the last 150+ years, it really brings it back you know? I took some pictures. I plan to go back at some point when I have more time and take in everything, maybe update my picture album.

I also went to Home Bargains and got some Jammie Dodgers Raisin & Biscuit Yorkies. Then a Poundland and got some Lilt and J2O [Sorry Natalie]. They are my Long Lost Foods for today.

Had a realisation today.

May 21st, 2018

I went into city center to go buy some Internets. So off I took myself to the bus stop.  Before I went to the internet shop, I decided to take a stroll around town. [My Mobile Uploads album will be updated constantly]

I took a nice stroll, went town to the River Mersey sat there and watched one of the famous Ferry’s drive past. It was a strange feeling. Being here with everything so familiar, yet feeling different. I have a few more places I want to go see, including the transport museum. I haven’t been there since I was little, and I think that’s maybe 15 or 20 years ago.

So I had my stroll, that wasted an hour or two. Those on my SnapChat would have seen some pictures I didn’t upload to Facebook. I have my SnapCode on a widget somewhere on the blog, so if you find it, you can add me. I plan to update my story alot more. But that’s besides the point.

After my stroll I went to buy some Internets. But disappointment was only a few minutes away. I couldn’t do anything because I only had cash, and they needed a bank card from this country, which I dont have yet. Its on my to-do list, but it is a Sunday, so couldn’t really do anything. So feeling slightly annoyed by this revelation, I took myself to somewhere I haven’t been in easily 10 years, maybe even longer, as I dont remember going there for a while before I even left the UK. I went to Lord Street McDonald’s. I bought some Monterrey Jack cheese bites and some Chicken Selects. They tasted pretty good, with the ‘Rich Tomato Sauce’ which was like a marinara. The Selects were amazing too. Every bite bringing back memories of previous times I had had them.

Following buying them, I went to ‘Sayers’. I bought a Bean & Sausage pastie, which I haven’t had in probably 10 years or so. That also tasted amazing. Went to Poundland and bought a few little things, including Milky Way Crispy Rolls [Love you Laura <3].

I was sitting in Williamson Square eating my pastie and drinking my Pepsi Max [which is still 98% gas]. I was sitting there and I had my realisation. I love Liverpool. I was born here, I was brought up here and it will always have a place in my heart.

But it isn’t home anymore. I will always love it, but its not home.

So here we go again.

May 19th, 2018

For those that know, you know. For those that dont, you dont know every single detail, and you never will. That said, here is a blog post.

So now seemed like a good time to reboot my blog, new adventure and all.

Flight from Auckland to Brisbane was actually not too bad. Food was good, first time on a Qantas plane. It was a pleasant flight, and I spent most of it on the iPad’s watching Family Guy and American Dad.

Second flight was Brisbane to Dubai. This wasn’t a bad flight overall, but it did suck. Because we were traveling back in time, it meant the plane was in darkness the whole time, so that was a tad crap. Food was good, sleep not so much. That sucked. Watched a few movies, Civil War [for like the billionth time] and The Post, which I fancied and really quite enjoyed.

Third Flight Dubai to Manchester wasn’t bad either. Dubai, by the way, was 27°C at 530am!! WTH!! Luckily I didn’t have to go outside of the airport, I stayed in the nice air conditioned terminals. The flight wasn’t so bad, the two seats next to me were empty the whole way, which gave me some stretching room. Again, still no sleep, well that’s a lie, very little sleep. Even with the extra space.

Got here and my throat is killing though, pretty sure its from the airplane air. That coupled with the headache and sleep haven’t helped make anything feel better haha! So yeah, back to blogging I suppose.

Forgot to blog again!

August 12th, 2012

Just over a month. I keep meaning to but every time I feel like I want to blog I can never think of anything to write! So I am promising to write a big-ish blog in a couple week or two. Got to wait for some things to happen first. Good things, hopefully.

Charmed is always cool, even second time around

July 11th, 2012

So im sitting here with my sisters watching Charmed. Never watched it with both of my sisters before, and its actually kind of cool. And I love Charmed. Me and Nat decided to watch the series again, because quite frankly it is awesome! Except for Darryl. I hate early season Darryl, hes an arse. Cant wait till he becomes god Darryl.

I changed my blog!

July 11th, 2012

I think it looks way cooler now. I also spent about an hour going through random settings to try and fully integrate my blog and Facebook. Hopefully I think I have done this. Let me know if you can still see it and what you think about it!

I am gonna try and blog again, more often. I figured that I probably don’t blog that often because I feel like im expected to write huge blogs. So I have decided that I will write more blogs, but maybe some smaller ones