For those that know, you know. For those that dont, you dont know every single detail, and you never will. That said, here is a blog post.

So now seemed like a good time to reboot my blog, new adventure and all.

Flight from Auckland to Brisbane was actually not too bad. Food was good, first time on a Qantas plane. It was a pleasant flight, and I spent most of it on the iPad’s watching Family Guy and American Dad.

Second flight was Brisbane to Dubai. This wasn’t a bad flight overall, but it did suck. Because we were traveling back in time, it meant the plane was in darkness the whole time, so that was a tad crap. Food was good, sleep not so much. That sucked. Watched a few movies, Civil War [for like the billionth time] and The Post, which I fancied and really quite enjoyed.

Third Flight Dubai to Manchester wasn’t bad either. Dubai, by the way, was 27°C at 530am!! WTH!! Luckily I didn’t have to go outside of the airport, I stayed in the nice air conditioned terminals. The flight wasn’t so bad, the two seats next to me were empty the whole way, which gave me some stretching room. Again, still no sleep, well that’s a lie, very little sleep. Even with the extra space.

Got here and my throat is killing though, pretty sure its from the airplane air. That coupled with the headache and sleep haven’t helped make anything feel better haha! So yeah, back to blogging I suppose.

By andrew