So yesterday. Went down to town again. It was the ‘Parade of Sail’ where all of the Tall Ships basically convoy out to sea to begin their race. It was amazing seeing them sale off. I arrived too late to see some of the first ones sail past, but did see them all albeit at a distance. Pictures Here. Had a nice walk after that. Just taking in the nice cool breeze of the Mersey, though it was still quite hot. I bought my ticket for the wine festival and went and sat on the river front with a cider.

It was amazing, just to relax and take in the hustle and bustle of the festival, and enjoy a cider in the heat. The temperatures aren’t as high as NZ, it hit 25° yesterday and it felt it. But humidity doesn’t normally go about 50%, so it wasn’t a horrible sticky heat. It was a nice heat, and I enjoyed my cider very much so.

I do, however, enjoy wine. I went to the Bordeaux Wine Festival, which was held for the first time in the UK. I got a fancy epass, and a nice wine glass. I asked for a second glass to make a set and she said yes! So now I have 2 nice wine glasses. Pictures Here. I had a nice red one, 2 whites and 3 dessert wines, 2 of which were in the master class. He talked about how some dessert wines were made, including noble rot, which I remembered from tech [Thanks Sharon!!]. The wines were amazing. They were so rich in flavour. My only experience is of New Zealand wines, but I have an appreciation for French wines now.

It was a pleasant day. Quite relaxing. And I would love to do it again. So I better save some money, as the next Bordeaux Wine Festival in June is in actual Bordeaux.

Long Lost Foods

Sayers Vegetarian Sausage rolls – still taste amazing
Tango – Like Fanta but not, and tasted amazing.

By andrew