So I am a day late on this blog, but I don’t want to get backlogged.

I went to town yesterday [Saturday] for the Three Festivals Tall Ships Regatta. There is also a wine festival, but I haven’t been to that yet. Maybe tomorrow, we will see how it goes. But I will blog about what happens tomorrow.

So the Tall Ships. They are beautiful. One of the largest and most beautiful is from 1896! How many 122 year old boats still running do you know. Its both beautiful and amazing. I had a wonderful time. So many people though, easily 60,000+. So about Rotorua visited hehe. I did miss aspects of the big city, but still prefer a quieter place.

My feet were killing me for most of the day, because I need some new shoes. With proper souls, to enable my walking. Which I did a lot of. I went through the Albert Dock and took heaps of pictures of the smaller ships docked in there Tall Ships.. Then I took a nice long stroll along the waterfront, found my spot, which today was bustling with people and music, and had my Sayers. Meat & Potato Pasty. Brought back so many memories again. Then I walked towards the Pier Head. And kept walking.

I was walking towards the Pier Head and walked past the Pier Masters house. Originally there were 4 houses here. But 3 of them were destroyed during World War 2. The Pier Master was the one in charge of where ships docked through all the dock areas. During the war though, they don’t think anyone lived in it, because of the number of bombings the dock area took. Little fact, outside of London, Liverpool was the most heavily bombed city during the entire war. Anyway, at some point in the last 15 years or so they refurbished the Pier Masters house to look like a house from the early 1940’s. Which was also awesome. It looked eerie. Pier Master’s House. Just trying to imagine living back then boggles the mind. No internet, no TV, no Playstation. Just the wireless, old wooden toys and news papers.

On my travels, I founds little things I didn’t realise that I missed. Like the Liver Birds. Just that one view brought back so much to me. I have said it before, Liverpool will always have a deep place in my heart. And walking past the Liver Building reminded me how much I actually love this city. Its still not home, but I will love it until the day I die. Found some of the remaining Lamb Bananas, and took a walk past the Liverpool Museum. Other Pictures. Which looks beautiful on the outside. I haven’t been inside yet. Going to go on a quiet day so I can appreciate it more. And the tide was out on the Mersey. You don’t realise how far down and deep it is. And not enjoying heights or water, you can imagine how much fun I had taking those pictures. That was… “fun”.

Long Lost Foods

Meat & Potato Pasty – Omg, tasted sooo good.
Blue Riband Biscuits – Reminded me of school packed lunches 🙂

By andrew