Today’s day trip was nice. It must sound weird to some people, me taking day trips in my old back yard, but it means more to me than most people.

I was about to leave just after midday and my new sim card arrived. Took me about 15 minutes to get my new number set up and mu new package set up, so I have full mobile data again! And its carry over! Thats a big thing for me. A, I have never had carryover and B, I used to use all my data anyway haha.

So off I went to town. There’s 387 buses every 12 seconds here, so I dont need to leave at a specific time for the bus anymore. The ride was short, took about 15 mins to get into town, got off at a different bus stop today. Took me in another direction that I was planning to. I came out at a Sayers. I bought a sausage roll. I bought a tablet too, but that’s too soon for this part of the story. I took my sausage roll and went to my new favourite spot. Its behind the Albert Dock and in between that and the Mersey. Its my new favourite spot because its so quiet there. There is the sound of the Mersey and that’s it. No cars, not heaps of people, just quiet bliss, away from the hustle and bustle of the city again.

In between all this I went to Argos and bought a cheap tablet, so I can read my comics again. Dorky I know, but its one of the few things that bring me happiness at this point.

I finished my sausage roll and went to the Merseyside Maritime Museum. I haven’t been there before, I dont think. I may have, but I dont remember. It was a long time ago, if I did. I didn’t go through the whole thing but I did go through a good chunk of it. I forgot how rich the history of Liverpool is. I mean I always knew, but seeing actual items and stories from the last 150+ years, it really brings it back you know? I took some pictures. I plan to go back at some point when I have more time and take in everything, maybe update my picture album.

I also went to Home Bargains and got some Jammie Dodgers Raisin & Biscuit Yorkies. Then a Poundland and got some Lilt and J2O [Sorry Natalie]. They are my Long Lost Foods for today.

By andrew