April 29th, 2011

I finally started doing something with my website. Up to now I only have a blog and a game on it. Its not a new game by any means but I enjoyed playing it alot a few years back so I put it on there and I must say it brought back some awesome memories.

Also Iv statyed an ambitious project to rewrite the game and make another version of it. Ive started it already but im not telling anyone where it is yet, because I want to actually prove to myself that I can do it.

Its not going to a quick change either, its actually going to take me a few months. Theres just so much code to go through. But I started it, and I really want to finish it. Im quite excitd to see the end result. I can picture it in my head but, fingers are still crossed.

Back to work for now. Why do I always get the urge to blog when im in work on a break, when I have lots to write but not enough time!!!  Like actually. I always want to blog when I never have time. Now Im gonna be a few seconds late back of my break haha

Andrew =)


April 27th, 2011

Im sitting here waiting for an email lol. The kittens are playing on the floor. And my sisters are watching Eastenders…Im so bored lol

What did I do today on my day off lol. I did fuck all lol. Absolutly nothing haha. It was awsome 🙂 Got BK on the way home from dropping my mum off at work. Was yum 🙂

Then I sat down and played Portal 2. Its quite fun. Think im on chapter 7? Cant remember lol.

Really boring day really lol. Its been nice to actually do nothing for once =)
Andrew =)

I really am gonna use this

April 27th, 2011

I mean I own the domain. And I wanna put some games on it. So give it a few weeks I will have 5s and 10s of visitors lol. I even have the app for this on my phone. So I can blog on the go haha. Sleepy time now.


April 19th, 2011

Finally get a website back and been wondering what its going to be all about. Up to now it looks like the site main page will just direct people to my blog, which is apparently the only part of my site that I have done anything to really lol.

Works pretty average today. Wouldnt mind being at home, maybe watching a movie, because I know both of my days off this week I have heaps to do. Birthdays and whatnot, 2 in one week! Not had this before, I dont think I have anyway, If I have it obviously wasnt that good of a birthday.

Im babbling again. I think its because I want to have more substantial posts, that the one line posts I used to do regulaly on my LiveJournal. I really want to post this now, But I dont think its quite finished yet. Besides no one can read it anyway because I havnt given out my URL yet lol. So I will finish this post later when im back on a break. Stupid CSO times ruining my break.


April 15th, 2011

I finally got a website up and running. Not much here right now, but Im working on it =)

Andrew =)

Not blogged for a while….again

January 2nd, 2010

I always do this. I say I’m going to blog a lot, then I blog for a few days then I just stop lol. So how are you all doing? I’m sitting in my now almost fully furnished office. Just need a new computer chair and some bean bags. Also thinking about a unit for my back wall and maybe a couch. Not for a while yet obviously, but its all in the planning stages. Already thinking of the best places to put stuff haha.

New Year was boring. Usually I’m with my family or having fun, or being drunk or having fun being drunk with my family. This year was the first one i have spent working. Wasn’t much fun at all. I was only scheduled till 1am, in fact I even finished work early, finished about half 12, but that was it, the New Year was ruined. When I start getting drinking buddies again, I’m going to rectify that little problem and get exceedingly drunk.

Planning to visit the UK in August too. I need to save about $7000, which is $2500 for flights and about $4500 for spends which comes to £2000, which should be more than enough to last me for a few weeks lol. Quite looking forward to the challenge of saving it lol. Shouldn’t be too hard, I should earn about $15000 by then, which still gives me a few hundred dollars to play with a payday.

Anyway enough babbling lol. Im going to sit here, maybe play a game and listen to some Lady Gaga, I <3 her.

Miss you all

Hia all

November 16th, 2009

One of the graphics cards in my laptop died. Means I only have one right now lol. Its not so bad, gives me an excuse to buy a new laptop 😀


Just thought id rub it in some more.

November 8th, 2009

This is my first blog sitting on the balcony with the wireless. OMG the view is amazing!!! Love It!!!

[20 Minutes later]

Doesnt seem like it to you but I started writing this blog about 20 minutes ago. Just had a lovely roast chicken dinner. Amazing. Talk to you all soon xx

Hi all!!!

November 8th, 2009

I havnt blogged in proper ages!!! WTH!!! So much has happened. Where to begin.

Well I’m not going to lie to both of the people that read this, but I just couldn’t be bothered blogging for proper ages. That’s not the whole truth mind, I kinda sorta but didn’t break my laptop. A file on the hard drive became corrupt, which corrupted another one and another one, then about 12000 were corrupt including all the ones that tell the computer what to do, so it wouldnt even load! Anywhoos

I couldn’t fix it until all of our stuff came. Which was still 3 weeks away! So I had no laptop 🙁 Anyway we got our internet in the house sorted, which is great, and our stuff came so I have fixed my laptop YAYAYAY!!! And as all of our stuff is here we have our router, which means we are wireless again :D:D:D

Its amazing with all of our stuff being here, but its a bit sad too. Its truly the end of one chapter of our lives because its all here now, theres no going back epecting it to be there, but you know what I mean.

Its also a new chapter of our lives and one that is kicking arse right now. Anyways Im going to do some more stuff, so if i feel like blogging i will because we are wireless now so I can do it wenver I like haha!!


15.09.09 WOW

September 15th, 2009

We are in the new house now. Im sitting on the balcony looking over some hills and a forest covered mountain watching ducks fly in and out of the pond behind our huge garden. Oh did I mention its Spring and the sun is literally cracking the flags. Its proper roasting lol. Fingers crossed I will have our internet sorted. Just writing a little blog then im getting changed to go the library and get on the internet to sort out our home internet. Woop!