Christmas was fun. Got presents, not too many, but a few really great ones. I got a PS3, a pounamu, a new scent (Usher) a Taylor Lautner calendar, and a digital photo frame. Also got a new keyboard and some chocolate and some socks. But it isn’t Christmas without socks lol.

New Year was ok. Coulda been better.

So just sitting here eating truffles (Thanks Natalie Hill) watching some Smallville. Its been a while since we watched it properly, which is hardly surprising considering my sister now lives in her room with her xbox on her new tv.

So my Christmas period was pretty much Christmas eve and Christmas day, as i spent every other day in work. Worked New Year too, had the 2nd and 3rd of January off, and that’s it really. I don’t know how to get into the habit of blogging properly lol. I try to do it more than I do, and it never really seems to work. So I don’t actually know why I’m blogging right now lol. But I am,


By andrew