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April 29th, 2011

I finally started doing something with my website. Up to now I only have a blog and a game on it. Its not a new game by any means but I enjoyed playing it alot a few years back so I put it on there and I must say it brought back some awesome memories.

Also Iv statyed an ambitious project to rewrite the game and make another version of it. Ive started it already but im not telling anyone where it is yet, because I want to actually prove to myself that I can do it.

Its not going to a quick change either, its actually going to take me a few months. Theres just so much code to go through. But I started it, and I really want to finish it. Im quite excitd to see the end result. I can picture it in my head but, fingers are still crossed.

Back to work for now. Why do I always get the urge to blog when im in work on a break, when I have lots to write but not enough time!!!  Like actually. I always want to blog when I never have time. Now Im gonna be a few seconds late back of my break haha

Andrew =)


April 27th, 2011

Im sitting here waiting for an email lol. The kittens are playing on the floor. And my sisters are watching Eastenders…Im so bored lol

What did I do today on my day off lol. I did fuck all lol. Absolutly nothing haha. It was awsome 🙂 Got BK on the way home from dropping my mum off at work. Was yum 🙂

Then I sat down and played Portal 2. Its quite fun. Think im on chapter 7? Cant remember lol.

Really boring day really lol. Its been nice to actually do nothing for once =)
Andrew =)

I really am gonna use this

April 27th, 2011

I mean I own the domain. And I wanna put some games on it. So give it a few weeks I will have 5s and 10s of visitors lol. I even have the app for this on my phone. So I can blog on the go haha. Sleepy time now.


April 19th, 2011

Finally get a website back and been wondering what its going to be all about. Up to now it looks like the site main page will just direct people to my blog, which is apparently the only part of my site that I have done anything to really lol.

Works pretty average today. Wouldnt mind being at home, maybe watching a movie, because I know both of my days off this week I have heaps to do. Birthdays and whatnot, 2 in one week! Not had this before, I dont think I have anyway, If I have it obviously wasnt that good of a birthday.

Im babbling again. I think its because I want to have more substantial posts, that the one line posts I used to do regulaly on my LiveJournal. I really want to post this now, But I dont think its quite finished yet. Besides no one can read it anyway because I havnt given out my URL yet lol. So I will finish this post later when im back on a break. Stupid CSO times ruining my break.


April 15th, 2011

I finally got a website up and running. Not much here right now, but Im working on it =)

Andrew =)