Figured Id do another one of these. Not much has happened lately. Been working, then chilling, then working then drinking. Pretty much my whole life right there haha. Could be worse, I could be drinking more than I am.

Finally Jack has moved over. This is amazing. Hes been here for 2 months, and Its like we were never without him. Nan is here too. I think the most depressing day of my life will be when she goes back to the UK, and Jack stays. Not looking forward to that.

On the plus side, since he has been here so long, his stuff has all arrived now too. So I have a couch in the office and about 10 new xbox games 🙂 Not that Im glad his stuff is here because I can use it but because it means his stuff is here so I can use it lol.

Works been kind of fun. I have a couple of little things I want to do there, so Im working on getting them done. I still enjoy my job so much. And the fact that Im not running every night shift a week is nice. Its good to just be support on shifts now.

Just downloaded the youtube app on my xbox. Gonna watch some videos and see what its like. Then bed me thinks. I need to plan to finish my christmas shopping, which will have to be done soon, as my next day off isnt untill Christmas Eve!


By andrew