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May 10th, 2011

There is now a link to the games part of my site 🙂
Andrew =)

So iv been thinking.

May 1st, 2011

Maybe if I posted a blog once a day on my breaks, I could get into the habit of doing it more often. I mean iv already got the app for it on my iphone and my blog is iOS compatable, so I can post whenever and wherever I am.

I just dont find that much to sit there and write about, except when im trying to think of what to write and end up rambling. Kinda like this one really.

So I will just write a few more words and ill feel better about myself and actually use this blog to its full potential. Work isnt so bad today.

Its a little quiet, but I think we all need it to be lol. The last 2 weeks have been hectic, like actually so busy. Need a nice few days off me thinks. Maybe a week off. That would be awesome.

Actually, maybe even a holiday? I could do with a nice little holiday. Dont know where yet, maybe even to the South Island? Apparently theres some stuff down there. Queensland is good I hear.

And my back is still sore. I must have twisted it last week some time, but it doesnt hurt as much now, so Im assuming its on the mend. Keeping me drugged up helps lol, so I dont feel as much pain in general haha.

Work time 😛