Wasnt so bad either. I actually learned some stuff and I hope that I remember it. And Im actually thinking of things that I can change at work, which is a plus I suppose. Though I suspect that this is the point of the class, to be able to remember this stuff and put it into action back at my store.

So, how was my day. Well the rain was pretty bad today. It was a little spitty this morning, but it wasnt bad. Then the heavens opened, and there was a leak in one of the lights in the class room. That was… I want to say funny or something, but it really wasnt. It was an inconvienience at best.

Then we watched a video called Max and Max. It was a little wierd. About a dog and an employee of a man called Mr Harold. That was…different.

Then we did role play. I hate role playing. I hate being out of my comfort zone. My comfort zone is, well, comfortable. So as you can imagine, being outside of it is a genuine struggle for me. I do think that I am getting better though, and feedback from Steve was nice, and my second roll platy as coach certainly improved over my first. Then the rain stopped and the sun came out by 4oclock. So thinking I was going to get soaked on the way home, I actually had a nice walk in the sun.

Anyways, just going to get something to eat. No idea where. Its still a bit wet out, so maybe I will try the hotel resturant. I mean it is paid for.


By andrew