Just a short one today, I really cant be bothered writing anymore. Though I did put a couple of pictures on facebook. Anyways, back to my ramblings. It feels different than I remember at SSC, I mean I know its obviously different because its ASM but its wierd. The class is a lot smaller for a start, like only 20 people. Though by comparison SSC has like 25 or something doesnt it. Lol. Its kinda fun though even though it only be a day. Im enjoying it, and I really wanna learn heaps of shit but I really want it to be over all ready. Not because I am not enjoying it, like I said its only been a day so cant hate it that much, but I just wanna go home lol. Although it is nice being in a hotel room thats completly paid for. Its a Novotel, so its not a bad hotel either.

By andrew