Drives me crazy lol. Although I definatly think I’m improving, and I am definatly learning more about stuff that I didnt know before. Though I suppose that everything I learn is stuff I didnt know before haha.

Maybe I will eventually feel comfortable, but I’m still out of my comfort zone right now so I will give it some time. Apart from the role playing today wasnt a bad day.The weather was a bit better today too. A little rainy this morning but the sun came out and and stayed out for most of the day.

Tommorow we have out store visit. I cant remember weather I went to Lincoln Road or Westgate last time, but Im going to Lincoln Road tommorow. If its the one I’v been to before it shouldnt be that bad. If its the one I havnt been to yet it shouldnt be that bad. Anyways Im hungry. Blog more soon.

By andrew