So, I went to bed around 1.30am. Should have gone to bed way earlier! But I got up around 6.30 fine. I say got up around 6.30, I actually got up about 7ish, it took from 6.30 to 7 for me to wake up properly. Then I got a lift into town and I got to play on a big boy bus! Well, the Rotorua-Auckland Intercity. This worked out quite well, because it was actually quite comfortable. And I had no one sitting next to me, well untill Hamilton anyway. But that wasnt so bad. The driver was really nice to. He was like a tour guide. Iv lived here 3 years and I actually didnt know some of the stuff he was going on about lol.

We left Rotorua at around 8.10ish. It left a little late. Got to Hamilton bus station at about twentyfive to 10. Left just before 10. Arrived in Auckland at about 12 ish. Went for a walk around the big city, first time alone I might add, and found a Burger King. There was lunch. Hung around there for a little bit, walked a bit down the street to get me closer to my hotel so the taxi would be cheaper. Went the wrong way at first haha. Fell like an idiot. A sore idiot lol. My bag was killing me! It is so heavy! Im only here for 5 days, I packed for like 8 days. You never know when you might need spare clothes! Better to have them and not need them, than need them and not have them. But try telling that to my shoulders.

Found me a taxi anyway, and omg. It stunk. The Indian driver was an idiot. I asked if he took eftpos, he said no credit card. I showed him my eftpos card, and low and behold, he took eftpos! Got to Novotel, couldnt wait to get out that cab, I thought I’ll pay and get out quick. THEN he pulled out his credit card machine. It wasnt, it was one of those old swipey things that use paper! He mumbled something and I was like ‘What?’ then he mumbled again, I again said what. He then spoke at a normal human level and asked me to sign and put in how much it was. Tell me if im wrong, but if I am a taxi driver arnt I supposed to put the price on? Couldnt wait to run away from that guy.

Finally I get into the hotel, cant check in yet because its not 2’o’clock so figured id write a blog. Good times. Bring on course! Muhuhaaaaa

By andrew