Well today I had to go to the McDonalds on Fenton street. Meant to be meeting Aaron but it was a bit busy. Ended up talking to some girl, but I cant remember her name for the life of me lol. She was lovely. Had to fill out an application form as a formality but she said she would be in touch, so sounds like I have a job! WOOP!

Went the bank with my dad to give him some money, but cant take out so much money at once, so he was a bit annoyed, but meh. Anywhoos, daddy has a new car. Mazda MVP. Its nice, quite large, lots of leg room. Better than a Kia Rio anyways.

On a funny note, me and my mum have jobs and my dad doesnt hehe, hes a bit sad by it but he hasnt actually sat down to look for on yet, he might have to get a job in Maccers lol, an Ill be his boss HAHA

Miss you all xx

By andrew