We left about half tenish. We headed for Tauranga. We got there had a sit in the car, an had our little picnic. There wasnt actually much there, so we just chilled and relaxed. I read some book hehe.

After a few hours we left and headed for Mt Manganui. We didnt go up the mountain cos we didnt have the time actually. It was like little seaside town, kinda like a funked up Blackpool, but with a huge mountain behind it. We walked down the beach, which was kinda weird. Walking down the beach in Winter hehe, it was lovely though.

After a few more hours there we came home and headed for Rotorua city centre. We went to a little Irish pub restaurant thing called Henneseys. It wernt to bad actually, had a lovely burger there. It had chilli sauce on it too, but I still ate it. Kinda proud of myself cos I dont like it actually.

Now we are just sitting around chilling out to Australian Idol. Sounds sad but its actually kinda good. Anywhoos, talk to you soon.

Miss you all xx

By andrew