Iv finally got the right program to write all my blogs and save them properly. Mum, dad and the sisters have gone to look at some houses. Iv been playing on my laptop and working out how to use the DVD player. Done it now, sitting off chilling watching family guy. Only got season 6, but its boss. Might just go to Warehouse tommorrow and buy some.

On the plus side, I rang some dude from McDonalds on Fenton Street, kinda like Rotoruas version of Lord Street. Got to go down tommorow at about half 1. Sounds promising. Looking quite forward to it. Hopefully a job I will have.

If not, there are plenty of McDonalds around. Fingers Crossed.

The plus side to finding this program too, is my blogs will be alot shorter hehe.  I hope people are reading them, if not, well thats just a shame. I have literally only had a full length conversation with 2 people since I have been here. I do miss home, but im still having a boss time here. Missing you all xxx

By andrew