Still no internet. Killing myself soon, I cant cope. Wont even have a mobile for a few weeks. Need a permanent address to get a contract, and seeing as how we dont have one right now, its a no go. Just so you know. If you dont know what I mean of I havnt told you yet we are renting a holiday home right now. We cant rent no where yet because our furniture is on a container ship somewhere between Seaforth and Spain.

It will take 6 weeks to get here. Well 4 weeks to get here, then 2 weeks to go through customs. So if we rented a house we would have nothing. So we are renting a holiday home, which is basicly a rented house, but fully furnished. Its about 6 miles from the town centre, which isnt so bad when your dad has rented a car, but not knowing any buses etc, it means I have no other means to get into town hehe.

Its not to bad yano. It has 2 bedrooms, the top one is fab. The downstairs one is a bedroom haha, and I have a sofa bed for the next 5 weeks or so. Its way more comfy than it sounds lol. Cant wait till we get a house, we will be renting first then buying. Cant wait!!!

By andrew