By andrew Apr 19, 2011

Finally get a website back and been wondering what its going to be all about. Up to now it looks like the site main page will just direct people to my blog, which is apparently the only part of my site that I have done anything to really lol.

Works pretty average today. Wouldnt mind being at home, maybe watching a movie, because I know both of my days off this week I have heaps to do. Birthdays and whatnot, 2 in one week! Not had this before, I dont think I have anyway, If I have it obviously wasnt that good of a birthday.

Im babbling again. I think its because I want to have more substantial posts, that the one line posts I used to do regulaly on my LiveJournal. I really want to post this now, But I dont think its quite finished yet. Besides no one can read it anyway because I havnt given out my URL yet lol. So I will finish this post later when im back on a break. Stupid CSO times ruining my break.

By andrew