Specifically Novotel, as my last breakfast there was epic. I cant figure out how the hell they make the scrambled egg the way they do! Its so nice and creamy…I wonder if its cream… Anyways

Last day of course was fun. Didn’t win anything this year but still had a awesome time. Got a couple of friends out of it. Didn’t really speak much for the first day or two, but once I found my mojo, I actually participated. The only downside to the last day was that I had to lug my bag from the hotel to Greenlane training centre, which I cant for the life of me remember the name. But it wasnt so bad. Arm was killing me though when I got there haha

Learned a little more on the last day, it was nice. About habits of a leader. Had a few lessens that morning, a few in the afternoon, then the graduation.

Got my certificate, said my good byes, and came home.

Well, I wish that had happened. I got my certificate, said my good byes, and lugged my bag back to the hotel to get a taxi. Ever tried to get a taxi on the corner of Great South Rd and Greenlane? LOL

Had a nice 4 hour bus ride home, well 3 and a half hour. Pretty sure I fell asleep. I don’t remember chunks of the journey hah. Arrived in Rotorua, waited for my ride to arrive. Eventually it did, normally I wouldn’t mind waiting but I was tired, cold and needed to pee. Got home, wanted to do some stuff, didn’t get to do it, went to bed and crashed like Val Kilmer’s movie career.

Woke up this morning and can you believe it, there was no breakfast buffet (Laura!) So made my own breakfast, chilled out caught up on some stuff and its right now. So this is where my post ends, but only because I’m not capable of seeing into the future.

By andrew