I havnt blogged in proper ages!!! WTH!!! So much has happened. Where to begin.

Well I’m not going to lie to both of the people that read this, but I just couldn’t be bothered blogging for proper ages. That’s not the whole truth mind, I kinda sorta but didn’t break my laptop. A file on the hard drive became corrupt, which corrupted another one and another one, then about 12000 were corrupt including all the ones that tell the computer what to do, so it wouldnt even load! Anywhoos

I couldn’t fix it until all of our stuff came. Which was still 3 weeks away! So I had no laptop 🙁 Anyway we got our internet in the house sorted, which is great, and our stuff came so I have fixed my laptop YAYAYAY!!! And as all of our stuff is here we have our router, which means we are wireless again :D:D:D

Its amazing with all of our stuff being here, but its a bit sad too. Its truly the end of one chapter of our lives because its all here now, theres no going back epecting it to be there, but you know what I mean.

Its also a new chapter of our lives and one that is kicking arse right now. Anyways Im going to do some more stuff, so if i feel like blogging i will because we are wireless now so I can do it wenver I like haha!!


By andrew