I think its just because im just sick of living in that dump. Cant wait until we move into our new house. Today hopefully, tommorow at the latest. Cant wait till all of our stuff is here, cant wait till we have proper internet. Cant wait for alot of things. I just cant wait to settle down.

Well not done much since the last blog to be honest. Just been chilling out in the house, walking around the city centre shopping for the new house etc. We went to some Redwood forest the other day called Whakarewarewa Forest. I have absolutely no idea how you say it, but if anyone has been watching my Facebook status you will know I had a full signal in the middle of the forest heheh.

Other than our little tourist like trips its been quiet. I start work tommorow, so sort of looking forward to that, I think it will bring a sense of normality to my life right now, because I dont feel like I belong anywhere. If you dont get me right now let me explain.

I no longer feel like I belong in the UK, because I dont live there anymore. I dont feel like I belong in New Zealand because right now it still feels like a holiday, an extended holiday, but a holiday non the less. So I feel nomadic, I feel like I dont belong anywhere, so im hoping that having a house and working will settle me down so I feel like I belong here.

Other than that its going great right now. So wish me luck, because Im about to start a new chapter in the New Zealand part of the book that is my life.

Miss you all dearly xx

By andrew