So…I have a new blog?

Its been a couple of weeks since I blogged. Now I have 2 blogs! I have this one which I will try to update at least once a week, and my newest addition which I will try to update 4 or 5 times a week. Its a photo blog its at

So I had a week off work? That was nice. Went the beach and the beach and the zoo! Can you believe Hamilton Zoo doesn’t have an elephant there? I was shocked and appalled. But it was an awesome week off. Definatly recharged the batteries.

Then I went back to work for the weekend, for Raggamuffin. It sucked. Was so dead, well not dead, but not busy either. Not even one big rush. Shocking.

Started talking to an old friend again too. I kinda missed him just being there to talk to, when he texts back anyway lol.

My gaming website is starting to get people using it too! – Go visit! Its got some pretty cool games on.

Andrew =)